Saturday, August 02, 2008

pink saturday

i'm a rhinestone cowgirl.

is that a song? why is my mom humming? she can be so embarrassing sometimes. every girl should have a pink cowboy hat and every girl should have a cute pair of pink shoes doncha think? i have a few pairs of pink shoes but these are definately the floofiest. look at the heels on these bad boys! mom says it takes alot of practice to walk around in shoes like these and she said its okay that i cant really stand up in them and maybe when i'm three it will be easier because i'll be bigger then. and mom says no to wearing them to the park because they are too slippery and something about trails of trash and puberty and growth hormones in milk products and then i stopped listening because thats what i do when she goes off on tangents like that. and if it were my job to gather cows i would totally wear this pink hat when i did it because the cows would probably think i was so pretty and pink that they would follow me around just to get a better look. and mom says i can wear this hat to the park if i want and i think that's a pretty good compromise dont you? beverly would think so i bet. go see her blog for a plethera of pink.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

pink saturday

we went to a pirate concert yesterday. me, gavin, jack and my mom. we got to dress up like pirates and hear pirate songs, and dance like pirates and have picnic lunch and after all that happened we got to make pirate necklaces!!! i chose a pirate ship on a pink lace and i picked some pink beads too!!! jack couldn't make one because mom says he's too little but when he gets bigger he can make one and also he will play dinosaurs with me and i'm so excited for that!

mom says beverly gets a birthday and i hope she has lots of cake and presents and maybe she can have a pirate party like me but she'll have to ask her mom!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

pink saturday

this was my first time hanging out with the easter bunny. (and also the beginning of the untimely demise of mom's favorite camera.) as you can see me and the easter bunny go way back. mom is looking over my shoulder as i post this getting all weepy. and shes making cheek pinching fingers at the screen and says she missing my marshmallow arms. and then she said no marshmallows for breakfast and i wish i was at grandmas. but here is my mom still gushing over my baby picture and making strange gestures and remembering the old days when i was just a kid and she seems lost in the memory and maybe a little crazy about the whole thing.

mooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! you're embarrassing me!!

i was not as happy to see santa clause that following december and you could see that for yourself but mom says i have to eat breakfast before popsicles and without popsicles i'm in no mood to search for pictures.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

pink saturday

moms camera still has no batteries. we tried to charge them and it didnt work and moms face turned really pink and that would have been good for pink saturday but again, the camera didnt work. so i googled "pink saturday" and found some strange pictures to share. evidentally pink saturday exists somewhere but the words were to big and it was my bed time and i didnt have enough time to sound them out. so i guess you'll have to look at the pictures and make your own story like i do when i want to read but mom says sorry i cant i'm feeding jack. all she ever does is feed jack. jack is getting too fat for his chair so mom should just stop feeding him for awhile and read me books.
but if you dont want to make your own story go see beverly's blog for more pink saturday stories!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

pink saturday

pink is what color my donut is that mom bought. pink and sprinkles and that is my favorite next to chocolate and sprinkles. i never seem to have room to finish the whole thing tho. mmmmmm..... when i get bigger i will have donuts all the time if i want. even for dinner!! check out beverly's blog for more pink saturday.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

pink saturday

my pink guitar!! i have love for my pink guitar because i want to play guitar like mommy. mom forgot to remind me to post this on time, and her punishment was the camera wasnt working last minute and that means she had to use the web cam and that means she had to be in the picture in her jammies with no make-up, whatever that is. but i really like this guitar and someday i will play it like a rock star and join the wiggles and meet dorothy the dinosaur and be famous!!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

cookie monster abandons the cookie agenda

dicussed in his interview with stephen colbert. (my mom is constantly laughing about him! p.s. what is the devil and who is bill o'reilly?)