Friday, April 13, 2007

good times!

lately i have been getting a bit stir crazy in our little apartment. so i grab my boots and stand by the door yelling "bye-bye!!!!" until mom gets the hint. today when i demanded to go somewhere mom took me to the mall. we didn't even bring my stroller. i got to hold mom's hand and walk because i'm such a big girl. we went to a store that smelled really good and mom used plastic money to buy me a new duck. i love ducks. i love trains too and mom put me in one and it ate some quarters and i got a ride!! then we saw dogs and birds and bunnies. i saw a little hamster running in a wheel and it was so funny!! mom and i sat at a table and shared munchins and had coffee and juice. the mall is so big and sometimes we stopped in front of a store to boogie to the music. finally i got to ride on the carousel which i love the most. its always disappointing when it stops and my turn is over, but mom said we can come back again soon and i beleive her.

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Dawn said...

That sounds like a fun day! I wish I went to the mall with you. Maybe today when you come over we can go somewhere fun!