Monday, May 19, 2008

here we are again!

i love MY jack. NOT mommy's jack. KENZIE'S jack!!
but i digress...
summer is coming soon! and that means a ride on thomas the train!! i keep telling mom "buy a ticket! buy a ticket!!" once when we were at the park on townhouse rd, i heard a train whistle. i couldnt see it, but i knew it was there. mom said it wasnt the riding kind of train, but the kind that carries trash. then we saw the train at the dump so i guess she wasnt lying. but everytime i go to that park it reminds me that we need to get a ticket for thomas!! i will definately blog about that.
mom says i have to go clean up my mess now. i hate that! i know right where everything is when i layer it throughout the house!


Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

I know how much you like trains. Isn't Thomas the best!! Next time mom tells you to clean up remind her that when she was little cleaning wasn't her forte!


Marwa Bollack said...

Kenzie, I love that picture you posted of you and your Jack! Sarah and Jasmine like Thomas too...We are jealous that you get to ride him! YOu have to tell us all about it!