Monday, May 26, 2008

a pirates life for me!!

hey there me hardies! mom and dad took us to the heritage museums and gardens yesterday and there was a pirate exhibit there. that was pretty awesome and also there was a carousel and i love those. mom and dad poorly timed the trip to be during my usual nap time AND brought the single instead of the double stroller. so to punish them for that rookie mistake, jack and i took turns crying and complaining so that no single minute was left unscathed. and to mix things up a bit jack pooped through three sets of clothes and i demanded to be carried the whole time. it was fun times. next time they will have learned their lesson, and plus we will get to feed the fish at the hatchery after.

1 Comment:

Dawn said...

Well Kenzie I guess you and Jack showed them!!!

I must say you make one good looking pirate!! I'm glad your mom posted the picture because I just love it!

I hope it is a better visit next time around for mom and dad.