Tuesday, June 10, 2008

first beach day of 2008!

its too hot to post a picture, but rest assured the scenery was beautiful. mom kept saying how cute her beach babies were, but i'm not a baby i'm big. which is why i was both horrified and insulted that my mother made me pee in a hole in the sand. i tried to demand a potty, but to no avail. i held it in as long as i could, but to my dismay what goes in must come out and in the hole it went. boy did i feel better after that. but next time mom better figure something out because people shouldnt pee outside!! when its not so hot i will write again. i'm going to take a nap in some air conditioning!!

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Dawn said...

Ah, you poor thing. Next time have mom pick a beach that has a rest room!!!! I would never make you pee outside. That's the kind of grandma I am!